November 16, 2010
Dear friends and future users, it was announced that a free version would be available for download by today. Due to some problems related to the install executable, we need a couple of days more to fix it. Please come back on Friday to find a free executable of the game. Thank you for your understanding.


November 16, 2010
A beta version is now available. The game language is English, but the intro video is in Greek. Currently we are processing the full English version.



PlayLOGO 3D is an interactive video game for early programming education. It is based on LOGO language to implement Game Based Learning activities  especially designed for Elementary and Middle school students who learn the basics of programming. Version 'Catch Me' is free. Download today!





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Whether you are using PlayLOGO 3D game for educational purposes or for fun, SaLOGOnica team can help you to find answers.

Educational Activities

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Click here to find complete game based learning activities based on our LOGO-like programming language.

This project was initially appeared as an undergraduate thesis of Arapidis Christos and Mpimpitsos Michail, both students of the Department of Informatics, Alexander Technological Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece, under the supervision of Dr. Paliokas Ioannis. This project was engineered by Lite-C language in GameStudio, version A8 (Conitec Datensysteme GmbH). 3D models were designed with SketchUp 7.0 (Google) and machinima videos were developed with iClone 3.2, 3DExchange and CrazyTalk 5 (Reallusion Inc). 3DExchange was used to transfer 3D models from SketchUp to iClone. 2D graphics were processed with PhotoShop (Adobe Systems Inc) and terragen (Planetside Software).

Dr. Paliokas Ioannis had the idea of creating a 3D LOGO environment for early programming education but never found the time to complete it alone. Until two promising students contacted him asking for a thesis project proposal. One year later a first version of a LOGO like environment was real. After the completion of their studies, Christos and Michail promised to continue working on this project in order to have a robust application with all typical features of a Serious Game application.

The second version, released through this website on 16, November, 2010, was totally different. Although game philoshopy was the same, the application was equipped with a lot of extra features.

Initial Evaluation

The evaluation of Alpha version was made by prof. Kekkeris Gerasimos along with a team of 3 experts from the Department of Elementary Education, Democritus University of Thrace, Alexandroupolis, Greece.

Team Members

Paliokas Ioannis: scenario, supervision, 3D graphics, vocals (

Arapidis Christos: programming, level design (

Mpimpitsos Michail: 2D graphics, textual (

Also, game and main menu loop music was composed by the music composer Liam Bradbury (


Date Version Language
19, November, 2010 1.0 (Catch Me) English Download
1, December, 2010 1.0 (Catch Me) Greek intro, English interface Download
User's Manual 1.0 (Catch Me) English Download


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SaLOGOnica edugames research team
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